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Whistleblower Laws

Every year, hundreds of billions of dollars are lost to fraud.  Federal and state governments are frequent victims, with taxpayer money stolen, important programs abused, and the public significantly harmed.  Fraud dramatically impacts the private sector too, with investors and consumers put at risk by unsafe products, unsound investments, and illegal business practices.

Federal and state whistleblower laws are designed to reward those with the courage and conviction to report and stop fraud.  These laws are empowering and incentivizing to those who have information about illegal practices by allowing whistleblowers to share a percentage of the government’s recovery.   

Whistleblower laws have been very successful with billions of dollars recovered each year by authorities.  But whistleblower laws and rewards programs are complicated. KTMC's whistleblower practice can help you navigate these complexities in the fight against corporate fraud.

If you would like to speak to a member of our whistleblower group about a potential whistleblower matter, please contact us to schedule a case evaluation.  All case evaluations are confidential and free.